Air resources

FPS 7000 RA

De opvolging van het PNRA masker met onderdruk/afhankelijke adembescherming. De beschermingsfactor is gelijk als het standaard PNRA masker.

Full face negative pressure filter mask.

Full face mask made of EPDM rubber. Anti-fog visor in Polycarbonate with wide field of vision ( >80% ). Speech transmission is done through the speech diaphragm which ensures clear voice transmission. Exhalation valve is located at the lowest point of the mask and has a large diameter, resulting in low exhalation resistance. Headband is easy to adjust. With carrying strap to hang the mask around the neck.

In combination with RD40 filters that are available in different types.
We are happy to help you make the right filter choice.

Available in sizes Large, Medium and Small.

NPF: 1000 (in combination with P3 dust filter) 2000 (in combination with gas filter).

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Categorie Air resources
Type Full mouth mask
NPF 2000
Available for Selling & Hiring

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