Chemelot Safety Shop

‘Safety is paramount’. Are you looking for the right advice and equipment to carry out work safely within your organisation? We are your dedicated safety partner. We advise our customers on all areas of safety. On how to choose the right respiratory protective equipment and operate and maintain it, for example. Or on mobile gas detection equipment and small fire extinguishers. 

Our team is at your service 24/7. Because we are located onsite, we can respond immediately to urgent requests, such as malfunctions or other acute problems. We can also service your equipment.  

We use an advanced rental system. Renting equipment is fast and we keep track of where the equipment is and when servicing is required. This ensures that all equipment remains in optimal condition.

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Sustainability and the environment are very important to us. As with all other factories and plants on the Chemelot site, we have a specific discharge permit for our waste water. 


Contact our experts at any time for help with sales and rental equipment, or for maintenance, advice, training and additional services.

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